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Collaborate In-person
with Fellow Professionals

A location-based networking platform for professionals to Book, Connect, and collaborate at Cafes & Coworks. 

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Find nearby fellow Professionals


Ping them using 150char AI-enabled messaging


Book, Engage & Collaborate at nearby Cafes & Coworks


For Professionals

  • Freedom to switch workspace around the world on your will.

  • Team up with nearby professionals.

  • Browse through a variety of skilled professionals and collaborate seamlessly.

  • Gig workers can come together to work on a project.

  • No more headaches to find a suitable location for in-person engagements with other professionals.

And Startups

  • Network with other founders to develop an efficient product.

  • Founders can find their pilot team on Vrizzle.

  • Use nearby cafes and coworks as your first office space.

  • Freedom to expand around the globe and use vrizzle to connect with your team.

  • Discover potential investors and setup in-person meetups to close deals.


Affiliated with
Microsoft for Startups!

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